The Giddy Aunts-Granny Smith

Quirky Outspoken Status Quo Challenging

Granny Smith

Granny is actually quite likeable, but she does not like being referred to as “a dear old thing”.

She is quirky, calls a spade a spade, but hates being judged as aged and not recognised for who she still is: a vibrant intelligent almost 80 year old who has experienced life and has the wisdom of one who has kept learning.

She loves reading, the theatre and loves to dance. She is certainly seen and heard and definitely not invisible.

You might think she’s a nice old lady….but she’s not! Passionate about her age, the life she has lived and is living, and challenges the status quo in respect to older people. She does this by example and sharing life as it was in her past to a younger generation, even if they pull muscles rolling their eyes about their outspoken granny

GRAB QUOTE from Granny about the recent election that’s perhaps cutting about how older people were left out and soon they’ll just be relics in the museum etc

Granny Smith would be a perfect guest for a aged care Friday lunchtime catch up.

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