The Giddy Aunts-Felicity Bubbles

Middle Aged Influencer and Snob

Felicity Bubbles

Extremely wealthy influencer aged in her late 50s and conscious of growing older, and feeling perhaps a little empty, as though there’s a little something she can’t put her finger on that’s missing…oh hang on, that would be her third husband Little Dickie.

When her life is turned upside down on Dickie’s departure on a yacht to Queensland during the pandemic, she starts to see her life for what it really was - all about the facade of money without any real friends or relationships of her own. She is finding humour in sending up her own past life as she learns to live again


She is divorcing husband number three, Richard (“Little Dickie”) who ran away during the pandemic with his secretary on a yacht straight up the coast to Queensland.

She lives in a 3-storey bayside cottage in Melbourne. Can’t imagine life without lots of, and what lots of money can get you: live-in domestic staff, boarding at an exclusive private school for her two children Tammy and Athol, and frequent trips overseas staying in 7-star luxury.

But things are shifting – she’s noticing things in a new way and her reflections on things some of us poor and normal folk take for granted, are both funny, and make us feel a little bit sorry for her if that’s possible.

GRAB QUOTE from Felicity about the recent election (think Prue and Trude and how much they loved the liberal leaders)

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