Jenny Knox


Jenny's professional career

Much of Jenny's nursing experience has been working in the community, initially with The Peter Maccallum Cancer institute & Visiting Nursing Service (now known as Peter Mac at Home) and then as the owner-manager of a home nursing agency. Not for the feint of heart!

In 2000 she returned to The Peter Mac; working at the coal-face; in their visiting nursing service, and ambulatory care departments - Pathology and Medical Day Unit.

Since 2008 she has been working 3 days a week in the Cancer Imaging Department in an administrative role. This has allowed her the time and opportunity to follow more creative pursuits.

She was also a member of the Doncaster District Health Council from the late 1980s to the early 90s exposing her to the more political and management side of healthcare both institutional and community.

She was The Woman’s Health Convenor at The Doncaster District Health Council.

Apart from her numerous professional qualifications and ongoing devleopment she has also completed non fiction writing and editing courses at TAFE, and has published articles on both personal and professional health topics/issues.

She continues to pursue her singing lessons weekly and flex those performance muscles through live streams and video until she can take the stage again.

Jenny's performance experience

In Rhodes, Greece, Jenny performed regularly in a European

style cabaret as part of her role as a children’s entertainer and travel rep with the Swedish company Vingresor. As part of this Jenny wrote and produced a 30 minute radio program for hotel guests, and a children’s mini-cabaret.

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Jenny’s passion has been singing and she has been studying the craft for many years, most recently with renowned vocal coach Bridget Allen. Much of Jenny’s singing experience has been in jazz, and she has undertaken a number of vocal workshops with Bob Sedergreen.

She has performed at the original Dizzy’s Jazz Club, Paris Cat, and at The Kingston Arts Centre in an original show called written by Felix Thiang and directed by Bridget Allen.

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In 2012 she returned to cabaret and performed in “Bathroom to Broadway” in Richmond. In 2014, she worked with professional performers and directors in the cabaret “Look at the Funny Lady” in February, produced by Black Apple Theatre as part of the midsumma festival. She received one on one acting tuition by artistic director Cheyney Caddy in the development of her role in this cabaret.

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